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How Bistro Delights Turned Guests into Followers with TopTips Marketing Materials >

Discover how Bistro Delights leveraged TopTips' innovative marketing materials and features to transform guest engagement, boost followers by 50%, and increase reservations by 35%.

May 18, 2024

Bistro Delights, a beloved neighborhood restaurant in Zurich, has always been known for its friendly atmosphere and delicious meals. Seeking to modernize their marketing approach and better engage with their customers, Bistro Delights adopted TopTips, an innovative short video social media platform. The results have been outstanding, with a notable increase in both online presence and reservations. Here’s how they achieved it.

Turning Guests into Followers

Bistro Delights utilized TopTips' marketing materials such as table displays and stickers, which prominently featured a QR code. The simple message, “Free Coffee On Us? Download Now & Review Us,” encouraged guests to download the TopTips app, leave a review, and enjoy a complimentary coffee.

One of the regular customers, Emma, was thrilled with this new initiative. After enjoying her free coffee, she left a glowing video review showcasing her favorite dishes and the warm ambiance of Bistro Delights. Emma’s video quickly gained popularity, attracting more local diners who were excited to experience what she had described.

Within just three months, Bistro Delights experienced a 50% increase in their TopTips followers. This surge in followers directly led to a 35% increase in reservations through the app, significantly boosting the restaurant’s visibility and appeal.

Key Features and Benefits

In addition to the effective marketing materials, three other features of TopTips proved to be particularly beneficial for Bistro Delights:

  1. Engaging Video Content: Guests enjoy creating short video reviews, which are more engaging than traditional text reviews. These videos capture the lively atmosphere, delicious meals, and friendly service at Bistro Delights, providing potential customers with an authentic glimpse of the dining experience. This user-generated content is invaluable for attracting new diners.

  2. Targeted Advertising: TopTips' targeted advertising options allow Bistro Delights to reach specific segments of diners actively looking for new places to eat. This targeted approach ensures that their promotional efforts are directed at an audience that is more likely to visit the restaurant, making their marketing campaigns more effective and efficient.

  3. Real-Time Updates and Push Notifications: Bistro Delights can instantly update their followers about daily specials, upcoming events, or exclusive offers through TopTips. The app’s push notification feature ensures that these updates are promptly seen by their followers, keeping them engaged and informed. This real-time interaction has been key in maintaining a strong connection with their audience and encouraging repeat visits.

Modern and User-Friendly

TopTips is designed to be a modern, user-friendly platform. The vertical video format is perfect for mobile viewing, making it easy for users to watch videos on-the-go. The intuitive interface simplifies the process for both guests and restaurant owners, ensuring a seamless experience. By combining engaging content, targeted reach, and real-time communication, TopTips has become an essential tool for Bistro Delights.


By adopting TopTips’ innovative marketing materials and leveraging its powerful features, Bistro Delights has successfully transformed its guest engagement strategy. The restaurant not only increased its follower base but also boosted reservations and enhanced its overall visibility. TopTips’ modern approach to social media and reviews has helped Bistro Delights connect with its guests in a more meaningful and impactful way.

Statistics and Diagrams:

  • 50% Increase in Followers

  • 35% Increase in Reservations

Bistro Delights’ success story demonstrates the power of TopTips in enhancing guest engagement and driving business growth. Embrace the future with TopTips and watch your restaurant thrive!