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How StayEase Hotels Turned Guests into Followers with TopTips Marketing Materials >

Discover how StayEase Hotels transformed guest engagement with TopTips' innovative marketing materials, leading to a 60% increase in followers and a 18% boost in direct bookings.

May 13, 2024

StayEase Hotels, a well-known hotel chain offering comfortable and affordable accommodations, has properties in various locations. To enhance their marketing strategy and improve guest engagement, StayEase Hotels decided to adopt TopTips, a short video social media platform. The results were outstanding, with a significant increase in online presence and direct bookings. Here’s the story of one guest’s experience and how it reflects the success of StayEase Hotels' new approach.

A Guest's Experience

Emily, a frequent traveler, checked into StayEase Hotel for a weekend getaway. She enjoyed her stay and appreciated the comfortable amenities. A few days into her stay, as she was leaving her room to go to the hotel restaurant, she noticed a brightly colored door hanger with the message: “Free Drink On Us? Download Now & Review Us.” Intrigued by the offer, she made a mental note to check it out later.

When Emily arrived at the hotel restaurant, she saw table displays with a similar invitation: “Leave a Review on TopTips and Enjoy a Free Drink.” Encouraged by the double offer, she scanned the QR code, downloaded the TopTips app, and decided to record a short video review of her room. She shared her genuine experience, praising the cozy room, friendly staff, and convenient location. To her delight, she received a complimentary drink voucher for the hotel’s bar as a thank you for her review.

Results and Benefits

StayEase Hotels experienced remarkable results from these simple marketing initiatives. Within three months, the hotel chain saw a 60% increase in their TopTips followers, leading to a 40% increase in direct bookings through the app. Here’s a breakdown of the results:

  • 60% Increase in Followers

  • 18% Increase in Direct Bookings

Key Features and Benefits

In addition to the effective use of door hangers and table displays, three other features of TopTips proved highly beneficial for StayEase Hotels:

  1. Visual Storytelling: TopTips allowed StayEase Hotels to use video content to tell their unique stories. By showcasing the ambiance, amenities, and local attractions, they provided potential guests with a vivid and engaging view of what to expect. This visual storytelling helped attract more bookings as guests could see and feel the experience beforehand.

  2. Real-Time Guest Interaction: The real-time interaction capability of TopTips enabled StayEase Hotels to engage with guests promptly. Emily’s review, for instance, was quickly acknowledged by the hotel, thanking her for the feedback and offering additional recommendations for her stay. This immediate response helped build a stronger relationship between the hotel and its guests.

  3. Data-Driven Insights: TopTips’ analytics provided StayEase Hotels with valuable insights into guest preferences and behaviors. The hotel could track which videos were most popular, understand guest sentiments, and tailor their services to better meet guest expectations. These data-driven insights allowed StayEase Hotels to continuously improve their offerings and enhance guest satisfaction.

Modern and User-Friendly

TopTips is designed to be a modern, user-friendly platform. The vertical video format is ideal for mobile viewing, making it easy for guests to watch and create videos anytime, anywhere. The intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience for both guests and hotel staff. By combining engaging content, real-time interaction, and data-driven insights, TopTips has become an essential tool for StayEase Hotels.


By adopting TopTips’ innovative marketing materials and leveraging its powerful features, StayEase Hotels successfully transformed its guest engagement strategy. The hotel not only increased its follower base but also boosted direct bookings and enhanced its overall visibility. TopTips’ modern approach to social media and reviews has helped StayEase Hotels connect with its guests in a more meaningful and impactful way.

Statistics and Diagrams

  • 60% Increase in Followers

  • 18% Increase in Direct Bookings

StayEase Hotels’ success story demonstrates the power of TopTips in enhancing guest engagement and driving business growth. Embrace the future with TopTips and watch your hotel thrive!