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How TopTips Premium Plan Boosted Bookings for Bali Boat Adventures >

Discover how Bali Boat Adventures used TopTips Premium to enhance guest experiences and boost bookings by 75%, leveraging extended video durations and authentic user-generated content.

May 3, 2024

Arya, a young entrepreneur from Bali, along with his friends, runs Bali Boat Adventures. They offer unique trips to the most beautiful small islands around Bali, accessible only by boat. Tourists usually book trips for 3-4 days, experiencing attractions like the pink beach, flying foxes, Komodo dragons, and other stunning sites. After struggling with traditional review platforms, Arya decided to try TopTips’ Premium Plan. Here’s how it transformed their business.

Owner's Perspective

As the owner of Bali Boat Adventures, I was looking for a way to stand out and attract more tourists. While we were listed on TripAdvisor, the competition was fierce, and our bookings were stagnant. That's when I discovered TopTips and decided to give their Premium Plan a try.

Implementing TopTips Premium Plan

We started by signing up for the Premium Plan II, which included several key features tailored for accommodations and boats:

  • Check Accommodation / Boat Button

  • Videos up to 180 seconds

Creating Engaging Content

With the extended video duration of up to 180 seconds, I began creating detailed and captivating videos of our trips. These videos showcased the breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife, and the fun, adventurous spirit of our tours. Each video was an immersive experience, allowing potential guests to see exactly what they would encounter on our trips.

One particular video, highlighting the journey to the pink beach and the encounter with Komodo dragons, received an overwhelming response. It garnered thousands of likes and positive comments from viewers who were captivated by the beauty and excitement of the adventure.

Guest Engagement and Feedback

Our passengers loved the idea of sharing their experiences through videos on TopTips. They enjoyed creating their own content, showcasing their favorite moments, and giving us five-star ratings as a thank you. This user-generated content not only provided authentic reviews but also significantly boosted our visibility on the platform.

One of our guests, Lisa, created a video of her entire journey, from setting sail to exploring the hidden beaches and spotting the Komodo dragons. Her video quickly gained popularity, attracting more viewers and potential customers. The genuine excitement and positive feedback from our guests helped build trust and credibility for Bali Boat Adventures.

Results and Benefits

Within a year of using TopTips Premium Plan, Bali Boat Adventures saw a substantial increase in bookings and engagement:

  • 75% Increase in Bookings

  • 65% Increase in Followers on TopTips

Here’s a breakdown of the impact:

  • 75% Increase in Bookings

  • 65% Increase in Followers

Key Features and Benefits

Three key features of the TopTips Premium Plan that significantly benefited Bali Boat Adventures were:

  1. Extended Video Duration: The ability to create videos up to 180 seconds allowed us to share more detailed and engaging stories about our trips. This extended format provided a richer depiction of the experiences, attracting more viewers and potential customers.

  2. Authentic User Feedback: Our guests’ video reviews offered genuine and unfiltered feedback. This authenticity resonated with potential customers far more than traditional text reviews, helping build trust and credibility.

  3. Enhanced Visibility: TopTips significantly increased our online visibility. The platform's algorithm promoted our videos to a broader audience, making it easier for people to discover Bali Boat Adventures. This enhanced visibility was crucial in attracting new customers and growing our business.

Modern and User-Friendly

TopTips is designed to be a modern, user-friendly platform. The vertical video format is perfect for mobile viewing, making it easy for guests to watch and create videos anytime, anywhere. The intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience for both tourists and business owners. By combining engaging content, easy booking links, and extended video duration, TopTips Premium has become an essential tool for Bali Boat Adventures.


Switching to TopTips’ Premium Plan has transformed the way Bali Boat Adventures engages with its guests. The authentic video reviews, enhanced visibility, and extended video duration have significantly boosted our bookings and overall success. After a year, we can confidently say that TopTips has helped us connect with our customers in a more meaningful and impactful way.

Bali Boat Adventures’ success story demonstrates the power of TopTips Premium in enhancing guest engagement and driving business growth. Embrace the future with TopTips and watch your adventure tours thrive!